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New ports authorised in five states

The Secretariat of Ports authorised, on Monday, the installation of a Private Use Terminal (TUP) of Manabi Logística, in Linhares municipality (Espírito Santo), with capacity for the flow of 25 million tons/year of solid bulks and an estimated investment of R$ 1.5 billion.

In addition to the TUP in Espírito Santo, SEP authorised five new ports since February: one TUP in São João da Barra (RJ) – Intermoor do Brasil Serviços Offshore; one Cargo Outflow Station (ETC) in Manaus (AM) – RONAV; and three ETCs of Transporte Bertolini – in Juriti (PA), Manaus (AM) and Porto Velho (RO).

R$ 73.6 million will be invested in Intermoor for general cargo flow. R$ 3 million (general cargo) will be invested in RONAV’s ETC, and R$ 4.67 million in Bertolini’s ETCs (general cargo and solid bulk).

With these entrepreneurs, there are 14 new adhesion contracts signed since the new sector’s regulatory framework came into power (Law N. 12,815/2013), in addition to the enlargement of the Ultraféril terminal in Porto de Santos.

This new cycle of authorisations for private ports installations started in December last year and the investments, up to the moment, sum almost R$ 8 billion. According to the minister Antonio Henrique Silveira, the authorisations will go through a continuous process. More than 50 entrepreneurs are going on, summing R$ 7.28 billion.

Installations authorised by the Secretariat of Ports since December/2013






Estaleiro Brasa


R$ 60 million

General cargo

7 thousand t/year

Fundação Municipal de Turismo

Porto Belo-SC

R$ 1.75 million


80 thousand passengers/year

SAIPEM do Brasil


R$ 17 million

General cargo

112 thousand t/year

Flexibras – TUP Technimp

São João da Barra-RJ

R$ 142.4 million

General cargo

44 thousand t/year


Santos-SP (ampliação)

R$ 2.2 billion

Solid bulk

12,149 million t/year

Porto Sul


R$ 2.42 billion

Solid bulk / General cargo and Containers

52,65 million t/year

BAMIN – Bahia Mineração


R$ 898 million

Solid bulk

20 million t/year

Estaleiro Jurong


R$ 500 million

General cargo

10 thousand t/year

AMMAGGI Exportação e Importação

Porto Velho -RO

R$ 100 million

Solid bulk

5 million t/year

Manabi Logística

Linhares -ES

R$ 1.5 billion

Solid bulk

25 million t/year

Intermoor do Brasil Serviços Offshore de Instalação Ltda.

São João da Barra - RJ

R$ 73.6 million

General cargo

19 thousand t/year


Manaus - AM

R$ 3 million

General cargo

102 thousand t/year

Transporte Bertolini


R$ 1.15 million

General cargo

113 thousand t/year

Transporte Bertolini


R$ 180 thousand

General cargo and  Solid bulk

362 thousand t/year

Transporte Bertolini

Porto Velho/RO

R$ 3.33 million

Solid bulk

480 thousand t/year



R$ 7.92 billion




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Source: SEP/PR