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Installation of Private Terminals in Aracruz and Porto Velho authorised

01/22/2014 – The Secretariat of Ports authorised the installation of two new Private Use Terminals (TUPs) in Aracruz (ES) and Porto Velho (RO). There are now eight new private ports authorised since the new regulatory framework of the sector (Law N. 12,815/2013), in addition to the enlargement of the Ultraféril terminal in Porto de Santos.

In Aracruz, the construction of Estaleiro Juron was authorised. It will have capacity for the flow of 10 thousand tons/year of general cargo and will require about R$ 500 million in investments.

In the capital of Rondônia, R$ 100 million will be invested in the construction of a terminal for AMAGGI Exportação e Importação. The terminal will have capacity for 5 million tons of solid bulk/year.

In December, SEP authorised new installations in Niterói (RJ) – Estaleiro Brasa; Porto Belo (SC) – Fundação Municipal Turismo; Guarujá (SP) – SAIPEM do Brasil; and São João da Barra (RJ) – FLEXIBRÁS – TUP TECHNIP. On January 06, authorisations were signed for Porto Sul and BAMIN – Bahia Mineração Inc, in Ilhéus.

Installations authorised by the Secretariat of Ports:






R$ 60 Million

General Cargo

7 Thousand t/Year

Porto Belo-SC

R$ 1.750 Million


80 Thousand Passengers/Year


R$ 17 Million

General Cargo

112 Thousand t/Year

São João da Barra-RJ

R$ 142.450 Million

General Cargo

44 Thousand t/Year

Santos-SP (enlargement)

R$ 2.2 Billion

Solid Bulk

12.149 Million t/Year


R$ 2.4 Billion

Solid Bulk/General Cargo and Containers

52.65 Million t/Year


R$ 898 Million

Solid Bulk

20 Million t/Year


R$ 500 Million

General Cargo

10 Thousand t/Year

Porto Velho-RO

R$ 100 Million

General bulk

5 Million t/Year


Source: SEP/PR

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