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Ports - Private Use Terminals (TUPs)

Ports – Private Use Terminals (TUPs)

The regulatory framework of the ports sector (Federal Law # 12,815/2013 and Decree # 8,033/2013) defined new terms for exploitation of Private Use Terminals (TUPs), Cargo Outflow Station (ETC), Tourism Port Facility (IPT) and Small Port Facility (IP4).

Authorisation Period

The port authorisation will have a 25 years period, extendable in successive periods, as long as the port activity is kept and the entity responsible for the authorisation provides the necessary investments for expansion and modernisation of the ports.

Who May Participate?

Companies or entities constituted by Brazilian laws, with headquarters and management within Brazil, either isolated or in consortiums.

Process for Obtaining an Authorisation

According to the new legislation, those interested in obtaining authorisation for port facilities outside the organised port area can make a request to the National Water Transport Agency (ANTAQ) at anytime.

Proposals must contain the project specifications and legal instrument ensuring a right-to-use of the area (terrain), among additional documentation that may be required by ANTAQ.

Starting at the date of request reception, ANTAQ will publish on its website in up to 5 days the document with the entire request and its attachments, and promote, in up to 10 days, the opening of Public Announcement, with a period of 30 days to identify the existence of other companies interested to exploit ports in the same region and with similar characteristics.

New interested companies will have a 90 days period to deliver and/or ratify complementary documentation to ANTAQ, as established in Decree # 8,033/2013, Article 33.

The opening of Public Announcement shall answer the legal demand (Federal Law # 12,815/2013, Article 9, paragraph 1) that determines the verification of existence of other companies interested – in addition to those that already have authorisation.

Within 15 days, counted from the date the documentation is received by ANTAQ, the Secretariat of Ports (SEP), who is the granting power, will analyse the location feasibility (possibility of physical implementation of two or more ports in the same geographic region that does not affect either) of the arrangement. It will also analyse the adequacy regarding guidelines of the planning and of the ports sector politics, as provisioned in Federal Law # 12,815, Article 15.

After analysing the documents and their liberation, SEP will sign an adhesion contract.

Transferring the authorisation rights, since preserved the conditions established on the original contract, will not depend on a new adhesion contract, being enough the approval by the Secretariat of Ports, as seen in Portaria SEP 249, published on 05/12/2013.

The increase of flow capacity or storage of the port is also independent of new adhesion contract, since there is no expansion of the original area. This information is in Decree # 8,033/2013, Article 35 and in Portaria SEP 249.

SEP can also skip the emission of a new authorisation in cases of alteration in cargo flow type or expansion of the port area – located outside the organised port – that does not exceed 25% of the original area, since there is vocational feasibility, meeting Portaria SEP 110/2013.

TUPs Previous to Federal Law # 12,815/2013

Currently, there are 128 TUPs and 6 ETCs authorised in Brazil. Until June 05, 2014, the current authorisations must be adapted by ANTAQ and a new contract must be signed between the company and SEP.


More information (ONLY IN PORTUGUESE) on:

Authorized Private Terminals (TUPs) under Law 12,815/2013

List of Private Terminals (TUPs) authorized in 2013 and 2014


Type Company City State Estimated Investment Cargo Throughput
ETC RONAV Manaus AM R$ 3 mi General Cargo 102,000 ton per yean
ETC Transporte Bertolini (Porto EAG) R$ 0.18 mi General Cargo /  Solid Bulk 362,000 ton per year
ETC Transporte Bertolini (Juruti) Juruti PA R$ 1.16 mi General Cargo 113,000 ton per year
TUP AMMAGGI Exportação e Importação Porto Velho RO R$ 100 mi Solid Bulk 5 million ton per year
TUP Transporte Bertolini (Porto Cujumbizinho) R$ 3.33 mi Solid Bulk 480,000 ton per year
TUP Porto Sul Ilhéus BA R$ 2.42 bi Solid Bulk / General Cargo /  Containerized cargo 52,65 million ton per year
TUP BAMIN – Bahia Mineração R$ 898 mi Solid Bulk 20 million ton per year
TUP Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz Aracruz ES R$ 500 mi General Cargo 10,000 ton per year
TUP Manabi Logística Linhares R$ 1.50 bi Solid Bulk 25 million ton per year
TUP Estaleiro Brasa Niterói RJ R$ 60 mi General Cargo 7,000 ton per year
TUP Flexibras – TUP Technimp São João da Barra R$ 142.4 mi General Cargo 44,000 ton per year
TUP Intermoor do Brasil Serviços Offshore de Instalação R$ 73.6 mi General Cargo 19,000 ton per year
TUP SAIPEM do Brasil Guarujá SP R$ 17 mi General Cargo 112,000 ton per year
TUP Ultrafértil (ampliação) Santos R$ 2.26 bi Solid Bulk 12,149 million ton per year
IPT Fundação Municipal de Turismo de Porto Belo Porto Belo SC R$ 1.75 mi Passengers 80,000 passenger per year
  TOTAL     R$ 7.98 bi    


Public Announcements ANTAQ




Public Announcement n. 008/2013 - Municipality of São Simão - Goiás

1) Louis Dreyfus Commodities Brasil S.A.

2) ADM Armazéns Gerais Ltda.


(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n.032/2013 – Municipality of São Simão – Goiás

3) Caramuru Alimentos S.A. - TUP São Simão

4) Caramuru Alimentos S.A. (TUP de São Simão, GO) - Nova Roseira

5) TNPM Transporte, Navegação e Portos Multimodais Ltda


Public Announcement n.  001/2013 - Municipality of Três Lagoas - Mato Grosso do Sul

6) Eldorado Celulose e Papel S.A.




(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n.037/2013 - Municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul - Acre

7) Petrobrás Distribuidora S.A


Public Announcement n.  010/2013 - Municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul - Acre

8) PETROBRAS Distribuidora S.A. (BASUL I)


Public Announcement n. 029/2013  Municipality of Santana - Amapá

9) Itaituba Indústria de Cimentos do Pará (Santana)


Public Announcement n. 015/2013 - Municipality of Manaus - Amazonas


11) RONAV - Rondônia Navegação Ltda


13) Itautinga Agroindustrial S.A.

14) Delima Comércio e Navegação Ltda.

15) Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A



​Public Announcement n. 002/2013 - Municipality of Ananindeua - Pará

17) Exportadora de Madeiras do Pará Ltda. - EMAPA


​Public Announcement n. 006/2013 - Municipality of Barcarena - Pará

18) Mineração Buritirama S.A.

19) Hidrovias do Brasil - Vila do Conde S.A.


​Public Announcement n. 007/2013 - Municipality of Belém - Pará

20) Rio Matapi Navegação Ltda.

21) Itaituba Indústria de Cimentos do Pará S.A. (Belém-Comercial)

22) Itaituba Indústria de Cimentos do Pará S.A. (Belém-Icoaraci)


(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 036/2013 - Municipality of  Belém - Pará

23) AMASA - Amazonas Indústrias Alimentícias S.A.


 Public Announcement n. 013/2013 - Municipality of  Itaituba - Pará

24) Distribuidora de Petróleo - DNP

25) Itaituba Indústria de Cimentos do Pará S.A. (Itaituba)

26) Rio Turia Serviços Logísticos Ltda.


Public Announcement n. 014/2013 - Municipality of  Juruti - Pará

27) Transportes Bertolini Ltda. (Juruti)


 Public Announcement n. 027/2013 -Municipality of  Santarém - Pará

28) Itaituba Indústria de Cimentos do Pará (Santarém)


 Public Announcement n. 003/2013 - Municipality of  Vitória do Xingu - Pará

29) G. C. Rodrigues - EPP


(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 035/2013 - Municipality of  Porto Velho - Rondônia

30) Petrobras Distribuidora S.A.

31) Petroamazon - Petróleo Da Amazônia Ltda.

32) Amaggi Importação e Exportação Ltda.


Public Announcement n. 025/2013 - Municipality of Porto Velho - Rondônia

33) Transportes Bertolini Ltda. (Porto Cujubinzinho)

34) Delima Comércio e Navegação Ltda.

35) Amazongás Distribuidora de Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo Ltda.

36) Atems Distribuidora de Petróleo S.A.

37) Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.


(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 031/2013 - Municipality of Praia Norte - Tocantins

38) Ecoporto Praia Norte S.A. - Grupo Eurolatina



Public Announcement n. 016/2013 - Municipality of  Ilhéus - Bahia

39) BAMIN - Bahia Mineração S.A.

40) Porto Sul

Public Announcement n.  017/2013 - Municipality of  Maragogipe - Bahia

41) Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguaçu S.A.



Public Announcement n.  005/2013 - Municipality of  Aracruz - Espírito Santo


(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 034/2013 -Municipality of Linhares - Espírito Santo

43) Manabi Logística S.A.

(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 030/2013 -  Municipality of  Armação dos Búzios - Rio de Janeiro

44) Marina Porto Veleiro de Búzios Empreendimentos Ltda.

Public Announcement n.  018/2013 -  Municipality of  Niterói - Rio de Janeiro

45) DSN Equipemar Engenharia e Indústria Naval Ltda.

46) Estaleiro Brasa Ltda.

47) Camorim Serviços Marítimos Ltda.

48) Clariant S.A.

Public Announcement n.  026/2013 -  Municipality of  Rio de Janeiro - RJ

49) PETROBRAS Distribuidora S.A. (Inhauma)

Public Announcement n.  021/2013 - Município de Municipality of São João da Barra - Rio de Janeiro

50) Flexibrás Tubos Flexíveis Ltda.

51) OSX Construção Naval S.A.

Public Announcement n.  004/2013 -  Municipality of  Araçatuba - São Paulo

52) LOGUM Logística S.A.

Public Announcement n.  011/2013 - Município de Guarujá - São Paulo

53) Saipem do Brasil Serviços de Petróleo Ltda.

Public Announcement n.  020/2013 -  Municipality of  Pederneiras - São Paulo

54) Louis Dreyfus Commodities Brasil S.A.

Public Announcement n.  028/2013 -  Municipality of  Santa Maria da Serra - São Paulo

55) ADM Armazéns Gerais Ltda.



Public Announcement n.022/2013 - Municipality of Pontal do Paraná - Paraná

56) Subsea 7 do Brasil Serviços Ltda.

Public Announcement n. 019/2013 -Municipality of Nova Santa Rita - Rio Grande do Sul

57) Cimbagé - Cia de Cimentos do Brasil

Public Announcement n. 023/2013 - Municipality of Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

58) Yara Brasil Fertilizantes S.A.

Public Announcement n. 009/2013 - Municipality of Taquari - Rio Grande do Sul

59) Terminal Marítimo Luiz Fogliatto S.A.

Public Announcement n. 024/2013 - Município de Porto Belo - Santa Catarina

60) Fundação Municipal de Turismo de Porto Belo

(2nd Public Announcement of TUPs)  Public Announcement n. 033/2013 - Municipality of São Francisco do Sul - Santa Catarina

61) Terminal de Graneis de Santa Catarina - TGSC


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